AI with The Best - Online Conference

Get up to speed with the most recent AI findings and applications at AI With The Best - the global online conference empowering developers around the world with interactive tech talks, coding tips and masterclasses.

100 Industry experts over four tracks present cutting-edge research findings as well as applied AI. CTOs and Lead AI Devs explain their favourite developer tools to create intelligent algorithms, and hear from startup Founders on how to integrate Deep Learning, chatbots or computer vision to your roadmap.

Confirmed speakers include Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator and co-chairman of OpenAI, Geoffrey Hinton, VP Engineering Fellow at Google, Yoshua Bengio, Co-Founder Element AI and Director of MILA and Angie Ma, Founder and COO of ASI Data Science.

All live tech talks are followed by Q&A sessions and will be recorded, so you can catch up on talks you may miss, and study the replays for the tougher stuff.

Tickets: Students $20, Standard $60, Late Registrants $80